New Material: Recycling plastics into “Lego” building blocks

“Conceptos Plásticos is a home-grown start up that in July won the prestigious 2016 The Venture award for entrepreneurship and creating social change through impact. So imagine if all the plastic dumped into the earth or thrown into our rivers and oceans could actually be recycled to build homes, schools, and temporary shelters in war-torn zones? Well, this is the motivating philosophy of Colombia’s eco-plastic pioneers and brain-child of Bogotá-based architect Oscar Méndez.”

“During the last two years, the Conceptos Plásticos team melted and molded 300 tons of plastic into building blocks for the construction of eco-homes in rural areas impacted by the internal conflict, such as a temporary shelter in Guapí, Cauca, for 42 displaced families. Plans are underway to build homes in marginalized communities in Cartagena, La Guajira, Chocó, and San Andrés. According to Méndez, a one-family home for four people, takes only five days to build.”


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