Project Definition Services

We’ll help you gather relevant information on the project and prepare for you and architectural program as basis for architectural ideas to be embodied in the schematic drawings.

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Schematic Design Services

Based on the architectural program, we’ll prepare design studies leading to a final recommended solution.

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Design Development Services

We’ll develop the selected scheme into detailed plans, elevations, sections and other drawings. We’ll also prepare the outline specifications which shall reflect the type of materials and systems to be used.

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Contract Documents Preparation Services

We’ll prepare the complete sets of working drawings and technical specifications for use in permit processing and construction.

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Bidding Services

We’ll prepare the documents needed for bidding out the project to prospective construction companies. We assist in the conduct of the pre-bid conference and in the evaluation of the bids.

Construction Observation Services

At intervals appropriate to the stage of construction, we shall visit the site to assess the general progress and the quality of the work to ascertain that these are in accordance with the Contract Documents. We shall report the defects and deficiencies observed in the construction work.

Architectural Interior Services

We do detailed planning and design of the indoor areas of proposed buildings for the purposes of renovating, rehabilitating or expanding said spaces.


Product Design/Furniture Design

We also apply our ideas to products and furniture per requirement of our clients.

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